YC Startup School Week 1

This week I started in on Y Combinator’s Startup School program with the intention of launching auToDo soon. I have the knowledge and experience to write the app for auToDo, but that is definitely not the case for the other aspects of turning it into a successful business. Startup School’s goal is to make it easier for people like myself to navigate the confusing time of starting and running a startup, and I fully intend to make the most of it.

Startup School is designed to encourage founders to set one or two metrics and do everything they can to improve them. Since auToDo is not yet launched, my one and only metric to track is the time left to launch. As a result, everything I have worked on this week for auToDo has been intended to speed up the timeline to making the app public. auToDo should be going public on the Google Play Store some time in the next couple days; I’ll add the release notes here per usual when the public version is out!

A highlight of the week was the Startup School Group Session, where I got a chance to speak with other founders in the program. I got helpful feedback on my website and got to extend feedback to the other companies as well. The other founders were non-technical founders, meaning that they did not create their products directly but acted in a more traditional CEO role. Their knowledge and experience was a good complement to my strictly technical experience. One major takeaway from the conversation is that I ought to move up my timeline on establishing auToDo as a corporation. Earning significant revenue and adding additional co-founders is nearly impossible otherwise, and those are two things I’d like to see happen in the future.