About the Devs

I grew up in a family of automotive enthusiasts and engineers. Routine car maintenance was a fundamental part of the driving experience from the start for me. I learned to change a car’s oil, rotate tires, perform basic repairs and more before I sat behind the wheel. The car was framed as more than a simple device for going from point A to point B, but instead a complex feat of engineering.

My parents had the know-how to do nearly all routine maintenance themselves and wide variety of repairs, but the one weak point in this system was the tracking method for maintenance. After trying a number of different apps and services and being unable to find something customizable, cross-platform, and intuitive to use, we settled on a spreadsheet as our family’s method of tracking routine car maintenance. Hosting the spreadsheet online made it theoretically possible to access the sheet on my phone, but it was a pain. The spreadsheet was easy to modify to support everyone’s car in the family and our preferred maintenance intervals, but it did a poor job of giving alerts about maintenance being due. There were no notifications and you had to scroll through a lot of rows and columns of data before seeing the next due item when opening the spreadsheet.

In 2019 I wanted to create a better solution and I started learning to program mobile apps. After a lot of learning and failed attempts this led to auToDo. The initial product was launched in February of 2020 and is in continued development today. auToDo is being developed to solve the problems I faced with routine car maintenance and hopefully solves these problems for you as well.

Right after auToDo launched its beta in February 2020, I received an email from David. He had a lot of experience in mobile app development and was interested in joining me in creating auToDo. He also had a great vision for auToDo’s future and quickly became an essential part of its development. His strategic vision for auToDo and technical knowledge are a crucial component of its success.

  • Jonathan Bayless – Cofounder
  • David Pham-Van – Cofounder